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Letters From Home

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Leading to the backcountry, the Red Trail,  Blue Trail, Green Trail and a Silver.  Many lakes like Paradise, Independent, Phoenix Lake, to name a few, awaited the adventurer.  Hiking adventures could extend to 100 miles.  How big was your adventure.

When I was 29 I joined a group of explorer scouts under the direction  Scout Executive John Collier.  Our goal was to snowshoe the 6.5 miles into Lake Sterling.  Only four made the nine hour trek.  Those who made it spent the night in the commissary freezer and feasting on spam and peaches.  The adventure included, getting lost going in to Glacial Trails and having to come in over the rifle range, staying the night in the commissary, broken snowshoes, lion tracks in the snow, half the group staying at the 4H  Camp, and having the time of their lives.  We discovered going in takes as much time as going out.  I included my age as the  three explorers  were 17 or 18.  The only way I made it was just to not stop.

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Faces from the past are but fading memories of a time and place where photographs bring back those events in time.  Scouts, Scoutmasters, Professional Scouters,  Staff, Parents, and other  individuals who helped build that parcel of land we  have dubbed Glacial  Trails.  It is time to recollect and share our photos and stories.  It has been my thought that this place is Gods gift to Scouting.

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There is a description of the figure out there and I was hoping someone would contribute it to this blog  for all of us to enjoy.

VIGIL PAGEcompleteBeing inducted into the Order of the Arrow was a life altering event. Serving others, seeking a higher vision of service, has been a life long adventure. I will always remember those ordeals, campfires, service to troops, making costumes, and comradery of fellow O/A members.


Do you remember the time when the Order of The Arrow canoed Ordeal Candidates to

O/A Rock. This is an illustration   trying and bring back that event.

cc2father and son dinner

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Hard work, committed friends, an outdoor experience, and time to enjoy the Scouting experiences with hundreds of young people.  Shoveling snow, putting up tents,  running events such as CRAFTS, COMMISSARY, HIKES INTO THE BACKCOUNTRY,  RIFLE RANGE, AND SINGING AROUND THE CAMPFIRE.  WHAT A TIME


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Each time I cross the E Street Bridge I see Old Man Mountain looming in the distance.  My mind takes me back to the place, the time  the people, and the events that were Buttes Area Council’s,  Boy Souts of America,  Glacial Trails Scout  Ranch.  Located off  of Hwy 80 at Cisco Grove and Located on Lake Sterling at the foot of Old Man Mountain.  Having been apart of this experience for 50 years,  the coming of Spring brings to me a stirring that calls me back.This blog is dedicated to that time  and place where families had a dream and experince that should still be shared with others and experinces shared.  REMEMBER!

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